Project Overview

Application for sharing information related to the Islamic lifestyle. Through this Muslim special application, you will easily get information about recommended places to visit, evaluate your daily worship, a collection of daily prayer, prayer times based on your current location, and many other interesting features.


Main Features


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Finder(Mosque, Ritual Places, Islamic Archeological Places )

By maximizing the GPS feature, visitor can find the nearest place theywant to visit such as Mosque, Ritual Places, Mazar, and Islamic Archeological Places.

Find Qibla Direction

Find Islamic prayer direction (Al Qeblah) with very beautiful compass based on current position.A beautiful pointer always points to the kaaba direction in mecca.


Times& Alarm (Prayer/Ramadan schedule)

This feature will inform the prayer time based on current location accurately and completely. App User can set the Azan with vibrating notifications to remind them when the prayer time has entered.

Reward Calculator(calculate daily rewards)

App User can calculate daily rewards and record App User worship activities every day by using this feature, ranging from Farz Prayer, Sunnah Prayer, Fasting, Tilawat and Memorize Quran, and Zikr. User can also see the results of his daily, weekly, or monthly worship records in the "Evaluation" feature.

The Quotes

App User w–ill get a verse of the Qur'an and the Hadith which will be updated every day.


This feature will provide App User the daily prayer/duascompilation which will be very useful for his life.Duaskept in Arabic, Bangla, English& recited when necessary.


Fazilat of Arabic Month

This feature will provide information of current Arabic month’s fazilat based on Quran and hadith. App User can set reminder to follow any events.


How To(be a good husband/wife, parents, neighbor etc, doOju, Namaj, Haj etc)

This section will give information & show how to BE or DO in Islam on a particular issue. App User will get text & video content of selected religious issues.


Current Events(Ramadan, Haj, Eid, Shob-E-Meraz, Shob-E-Kadar, Shob-E-Barat etc )

App User get content on upcoming and current Islamic events which will be updated every events.


Zakaat calculator

Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam and also an act of worship. This feature help App User to calculate zakat based on their Asset.





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