ARRIVO’s expertise applies to arenas that range across the spectrum of a product life cycle and encompass innovative thinking and radical conceptualization that in turn help enable us to provide a complete solution. We offer wide range of IT services that includes Unique Software Development, IT Infrastructure Development, Unique Product Ideation, Software Lifecycle Adjustments, Database Management, IP Communications Solutions and variety of unique ideas that you need to bring solutions out.


We bring together a combination of the following services to give your business a competitive edge:

  • Business Level: Consulting, Modular global sourcing, Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Security
  • Process Level: Process Re-engineering, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).
  • Application Level: Packaged Applications (evaluation, implementation, rollouts, upgrades, and maintenance), Enterprise Application Integration and Independent Testing Services.
  • Infrastructure Level: Planning, Design, Optimization, Support and Maintenance.
  • Product Engineering: Design, Development, Testing, Maintenance.


As a leading technology company we specializes in most global phenomena of software development issues. Following is an indicative list of our areas of expertise:

  • Platforms: Desktop, Microcontroller, Telecom specific Hardware, Unix Midranges, Workstation, Mobile Devices.
  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, Symbian EPOC, Android, iOS, Linux.
  • Network & Directory Services: Linux, Windows, Active Directory, LDAP.
  • Software Delivery Model: Licensed, SaaS.
  • Databases: Oracle, SQL-Server, MS-Access, PostgreSQL, MySql.
  • Middleware: J2EE, .NET.

Deep Domain Expertise:

ARRIVO works to create business solutions for most business areas, the following business sectors are our core customer areas:

  • Financial Services
  • Consumer Services
  • Telecom
  • Manufacturing
  • Public Services
  • International Sports Event Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Healthcare