Mobile Application is silently creeping up and taking place to announce its omnivorous plan to grasp all era of our life starting from security to entertainment; form shopping to travel; from hospital to airport and what not. Be it hi-end ERP, be it security control or be it mere reporting -- a;; are coming within in your reach through the virtue of mobile application. It is not only giving you comfort but at the same time ensuring more control on your system; increasing profitability along with risk-reduction thus enforcing security. Schoos are no exception, it also need to align current trends and technologies to bring changes in the society to bring out innovators for the nation.

As a prominent software solution provider Arrivo Limited has brought a unique mobile based application 'Cool School' for all interested school authority and guardians besides aiding school stuffs and management to bring many of their daily works with their palm.

"If there is a Can Do Attitude, COOL SCHOOL will heop to bring out the optimum performances"

School promotions, secured communication channel, fun learning, real time performance matrices and lots more.

School Brief:

In this portion of the APP there will have information related to school including:

  • School history
  • Fast facts of the institution
  • Board of Directors
  • Message from Principal/Chairperson
  • Fees and changes
  • Tiffin menu
  • Achievements with matrices

Admission Procedure:

This section of the APP will include relevant information regarding the

  • Admission procedure of the school
  • Required competency levels of interested student
  • Application deadlines
  • Online application form
  • e-payment option for any processing fee
  • Providing e-admit card to intending admission test participants


This feature include various contact option on the school administration

  • Feedback form
  • Staff directory
  • All officials contacts
  • Google map integration