ARRIVO, the leading Information Technology (IT) Company has a focus to bring unique solutions for diverse client basewithmost cutting-edge technologies. It has global partnerships with most renowned IT and corporate ventures in Singapore, Mumbai, Bangalore and Bangladesh. ARRIVO is rapidly expanding with its wide range of services for Nonprofits, SMEs, Global Enterprises and Multinational Companies (MNC) who are bringing forth their venture opportunities with ourproductive solutions.

ARRIVO has a high end R&D (Research and Development) team who primarily focus on individual client requirements and bringing forth the solutions. Themultiple layers of Quality Assurance (QA) process confirm the consistency and long lasting friendly user experiences. Our specific expertise on mobile application development has leaded us on the industry to provide solutions for most global standard handheld devices. Whether through design, development or consultancy,our keyfocus is complete IT solutions on technical, creative and strategy development processes for all levels of our customers. The depth and breadth of our expertise combines with our extensive experience and a full-service portfolio to create seamless solutions.

We offer a wide range of solutions that may include:

  • IT Based Consultancy
  • Product Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Software Development
  • Database Management
  • Offshore Development Centre
  • IT Infrastructure Development
  • IP Communications
  • ISP & Data connectivity


ARRIVO’s team has developed according to availability of resources and fencing the global needs. Our India office is equipped with talented developers, project managers and business analysts, where Bangladesh office providing most back office support and Singapore office is liaising with all international clients with creative product ideation and collaborative brand building approaches. International channels from Singapore, multiple development centers in India and Bangladesh has leaded us to become a global Technology centric venture.